Our Company

Work With People You TrustWe believe that protecting our clients’ financial interests is our greatest responsibility as wealth managers.

Oak Advisors, LLC (Oak Advisors) is a fee-only, registered investment advisory firm that provides wealth management services including financial planning, investment advice, portfolio management, and performance monitoring for individuals, families, companies, and trustees.  Oak Advisors is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  We have a legal duty to act in the best interests of our clients. This fiduciary duty means that we put the best interests of our clients first. As we are compensated solely by the fees you pay us and not transactions or product sales, our interests are in keeping your overall expenses low.  This means that our advice is unbiased and completely objective with no conflicts of interest.  Our sole focus is on helping you meet your financial goals.

Get OrganizedCreating a financial roadmap is your key to long-term success.

At Oak Advisors we help you develop and assess your overall financial picture and goals.  We begin by helping you gather and interpret data about your income needs, financial resources, willingness, ability, and need to take risk, investment objectives, tax exposure, legal constraints, and personal expectations.  We discuss your income and expenses, assets and liabilities, and your insurance and estate planning before recommending specific strategies to meet your goals.  This “tell the doctor everything” approach exposes strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities in your financial circumstances.*

A Plan Custom-Tailored To YouYou aren’t like everyone else, neither are we.  

We are guided by defined financial planning and investment management disciplines that have produced verifiable historical results.  Initially, we review your entire financial situation to ensure everything is fully understood and considered prior to us making any specific recommendations.  Understanding your objectives is the key to helping you meet your long-term goals.  We feel that if we can properly identify your objectives, we can create a strategy that will meet your needs over the long term.  Generally, we recommend employing several strategies in concert with one another to help you meet your goals and reduce overall portfolio risk.*

Meet Your Financial GoalsWorking on a transparent, fee-only basis is not only the right thing to do but the best way to help clients meet their goals.

Investing is fundamentally different than building and preserving wealth. A person intent on building and preserving wealth knows that successful investing is only one part of a much bigger picture that includes such things as articulating your goals, evaluating your current financial position, calculating your investment time horizon, determining your risk tolerance and need for income, and considering tax and estate planning issues. Above all, building wealth requires a broad, integrated approach to personal and financial decision-making. We are adept in helping you put together a plan to help meet your financial goals and, when requested, we can work closely with your attorney and accountant in helping you make decisions that will be  beneficial to you and your heirs.

Enjoy The Advantages

Oak Advisors is a firm that will represent you and your best interests instead of representing high-commission, difficult to understand, investment products.  The hallmarks of our firm are:

Client-focused service
Highly customized financial planning and investment management
Commitment to maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards

As a client you will be in direct contact with the decision-makers on your portfolio and will not get lost in the shuffle typical of “one size fits all” investment companies with competing priorities and a host of high commission products.

Choosing to work with Oak Advisors is the beginning of a long-term business partnership, one that may last the rest of your life. You will be entrusting us with personal information and relying on our expert advice countless times.  We take this responsibility very seriously and require that all of our licensed professionals who render advice have college degrees and/or professional, industry certifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), etc.

We offer these distinct advantages:

We are focused solely on our clients – not selling products.

We help you simplify your financial life.  We help you articulate your goals, objectives and concerns.  We track your investment activity, cost basis, realized gains/losses, etc., to help you and your tax advisor when filing taxes and provide you with quarterly performance updates to help track your progress.

We provide you access to a wide variety of resources.  We utilize research from several prominent, independent, Wall Street institutions.  As an independent advisor, we are free to survey the entire universe of investment vehicles and select the most appropriate for our clients.

We serve as a trusted advisor for you and your heirs.  When requested, we can work closely with your attorney and tax advisor to help empower you to make decisions that are in your best interests.

We serve as a multi-generational advisor.  When requested, we can help you and future generations of your family by assisting you (in conjunction with your attorney and accountant) so that your estate plan is created and implemented.  This means more than just valid wills and trusts but also proper asset titling and beneficiary designations.   We can help you provide your heirs with a “road map” to where all assets including life insurance policies are held, where essential documents and contracts are located, and your final intentions.  This can help eliminate needless worrying at an emotionally difficult time.

We can help create an income stream from your assets.  We can help you in maximizing your retirement income.  We can work closely with you to evaluate all of your income sources and both your discretionary and non-discretionary expenses.  From this, we can help position your investment assets to provide you with your desired income in retirement.

* The type and scope of services rendered depends upon the client’s individual situation and the terms of the engagement.